Power Distribution Automation is an important part of today’s Smart Grid. Integration and interoperability are essential for grid operational efficiency and system reliability. Smart Grid technologies around the world are helping to reduce power outages & identify the root causes of blackouts and brownouts; improving restoration times and cutting operational costs

Large selection of switches Layer2 and Layer3, protocol conversion, time servers etc.
Redundancy options fast ring recovery below 20 ms (IEC 62439-6 DRP)
Network security SSH, SSL, SNMP v3, IEEE802.1x, TACACS+, RADIUS and ACL
Different voltage options 12/24/48/220VDC and 220VAC
NMS ICONVISION To simplify management and visualisation of large networks
Extended temperature range from -40 to + 85 С
Industrial protocols support IEC 61850/DNP, Modbus 3.0, IEC 60870-5-101/104 etc

Wide product range: Modular rack mount switches and DIN-Rail models with high voltage input. Compliant with IEC61850-3 and IEEE 1613. Built-in IEC61850 data modeling with MMS server for device management. Easy configuration by importing standard .CID files. Support for legacy RS232/485/422 serial connections combined with data switching. Supports BRCB and URCB reports, GOOSE messaging, MMS file transmissions

Different mounting options Rack and DIN-rail
Different voltage options 12/24/48/220VDC and 220VAC
IEC and IEEE standards support IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613
Time synchronisation NTP, IEEE1588v2 (PTP) and ITU-T.G.8261/G.8262 (Sync-E)
Protocols support IEC 62439-3(HSR/PRP), IEC 62439-6(DRP), RSTP и IE-Ring
Data modelling IEC 61850 with MMS Server support
Serial interfaces support RS232/485/422

The QBIT9001 edge server is designed specifically for the energy industry. For automation and process control systems based on real-time control software. The software allows you to create redundant multi-platform systems for managing, collecting and transmitting information with the required number of serial (RS485 / 422) and Ethernet ports.


  • Management of relay protection systems 
  • Controllers management
  • Automation network management
CPU Intel Core i7-6822E1
Protocols support IEC 60870-5-104101/103/104, DNP3.0, SEL Faster, ABB Spabus, Alstom Courier, Modbus TCP/RTU and other protocols
IEC 61850-8-1 Support MMS Server/Client
Programming language support IEC 61131-3
Synchronization NTP, IRIG-B

Wind Farms are gaining attention as an energy source that requires no fuel, produces no pollution, and is virtually inexhaustible. But wind farms require special networking equipment since they span vast distances, have harsh EMC/EMI environments, extreme temperatures, dust, moisture and vibration. It needs ruggedized network devices support long distance and reliable transmission capabilities.

Solar farms use semi-conductive components to absorb solar radiation and turn it into electric energy. Solar energy is becoming common in the global energy market because of its endless storage and low cost. Solar energy is developing quickly around the world and is considered an important part of sustainable development. Solar power plant monitoring systems use real time monitoring of each component within the power station. The purpose is to monitor the station’s running state making sure that the power generation system is stable.

Extended temperature range from -40 to+85 С
Fanless design
NMS ICONVISION To simplify management and visualisation of large networks
Redundancy options IEC 62439-6/DRP (ring recovery less than 20 ms)
Intellectual protocols gateways IEC 61850 for SCADA, support for data exchange IEC 61850-8-1 (MMS)