The communication for high-speed rail has been developed from traditional wired serial communications to present industrial wired and wireless industrial Ethernet. For the purpose to establish a safe, reliable, unified data network new standards appeared for high-speed railways’ signaling system data network. They define all the functional requirements, networking requirements, the selection of equipment, network structure, network management and etc. for the Security Data Network. All tris requirements supported by IIE solutions for High-Speed Rail data network.

1. Isolation of different lines/bureaus 1. layer 3 routing protocols
2. Fault tolerance
2. Supports multiple ring redundancy protocol such as STP/RSTP, MSTP,
IE-Ring. The recovery time is less than 20ms.
3. Redundancy 3. Supports NTP, the accuracy reaches 10ms.
4. Network management system 4. ICONVIEW and ICONVISION network management system
5. Resistant to the strong electromagnetic interference and
voltage surges.
5. Complies with EN50121-4, high EMC level.
6. Extended temperature range 6. Supports operating temperature range of -40 to 85°C


TCMS (Train Control and Management System) is the core of train operation, which carries several critical services, such as
traction power, auxiliary power, speed, location, braking, door control, HVAC, train status monitoring and diagnosis. With
the popularity and maturity of Ethernet technologies, an IP based TCMS and related specifications such as ETB (Ethernet Train Backbone) and ECN (Ethernet Consist Network) are defined in IEC61375.

1. Train bus topology automatic generation during train formation. 1. XBIT series is specially designed for onboard ETB & ECN applications. ETBN complies with IEC61375-2-5 and IEC61375-
2-3. ECN complies with IEC61375-3-4.
2. ETB Automatic IP re-arrangement for Ethernet Switches in accordance with train marshalling (TTDP).
2. Supports TTDP which enables the automatic generation and maintenance with the train communication network topology.
3. The translation of train level IP address and consist level IP address.
3. IP address allocation according to the rules defined by IEC61375.
4. Network redundancy
4. Supports VRRP and realizes the redundancy of ETBN within a consist.
5. Extraordinary industrial design
5. Extraordinary industrial design against shock, vibration, EMC, unstable power supply for onboard environment


Accurate & reliable operation of Passenger Information and
Public Address Systems are the primary factors for passenger
satisfaction. PIS/PA are generally composed of display board,
broadcasting audio system, and a reliable communications
network, not only the onboard network but also the ground
network towards the operation control center.

1. Redundant network 1. Supports versatile Ring technologies, e.g. STP/RSTP, MSTP, IERing
and IEC62439-6(DRP)
2. Network multicasting function 2. Supports IGMP Snooping
3. PoE output 3. PoE output for low and medium power electronics, such as
display board. Compliant with IEEE802.3af IEEE802.3at PoE
4. Interfaces 4. Compliant with EN50155 with M12 connectors for onboard
Ethernet switches
5. High protection class preventing the harm of metal powder 5. IP40 to IP65 protection class

In order to retain smooth and effective ticketing
operation for railways, automated fare collection
(AFC) system is introduced to modern transportation.
It generally consists of ticket vending machine, fare gate
and backend accouting system. Though it’s less critical
for train operation, it’s most critical for the operator
working capital.

1. High availability with low failure rate 1. Fanless design, dual power supplies with long MTBF
2. Industrial design to resist shock & vibration, and also
extreme operating ambience
2. Supports -40 – 85°C wide operating temperature and high EMC
3. Network redundancy to mitigate link or node failure
3. Supports various redundant Ring redundant protocols, like
STP/RSTP, MSTP, IE-Ring and IEC62439-6(DRP)
4. High bandwidth and routing platform for inter-station
4. Supports various redundant Ring redundant protocols, like
STP/RSTP, MSTP, IE-Ring and IEC62439-6(DRP)
Supports Layer 3 routing protocols such as RIP and OSPF
5. Support routing protocols to exchange data with external
5. Supports VRRP for layer 3 redundancy

Integrated Supervisory and Control System, ISCS plays
a crucial role to make a centralized and comprehensive
operation for city metro. All the major systems, from vital
to non-vital, from the field to center, such as AFC, PIS/
PA, Clock, CCTV, BAS, FAS, PSCADA, ATS, TMS… etc. can be
integrated into one single supervision and control room.

1. High bandwidth with 10G capability to support multiple 1. Rich industrial Ethernet Switch portfolio ranges from 5
10/100Mbps to max. 48G/96G+4 10G
2. Flexible, fast recovery and dual ring network with failure-free
power supply
2. Comprehensive network redundant functions, e.g. RSTP, IE-Ring,
DRP (IEC62439-6), HSR/PRP(IEC62439-3) with sub-second recovery
time and multiple ring connectivity
3. Reliability 3. Redundant & hot swappable power module
4. Routing and network protection to work with different network
4. Backbone Layer 3 switch supports RIP, OSPF, IEEE802.1X, ACL
5. User friendly network management 5. NMS with intuitive GUI , ICONVISION3.0 for network
monitoring and management

Traction power supply systems are the basic
infrastructure for train operation. Transformers,
switch-gears, low-voltage power distribution and
control/protection devices are installed along the
tracks, while the Power SCADA system ensures the
service availability through its real time control and

1. Industrial design to sustain under harsh environment,
severe EMC condition in substation
1. Compliant with IEC61850-3
2. Network redundancy to mitigate link or node failure
2. Supports various redundant Ring redundant protocols,
like STP/RSTP, MSTP, IE-Ring and IEC62439-6(DRP)
3. Network management capabilities to ease maintenance
and operation
3. Unified NMS, ICONVISION3.0 for network monitoring and
4. Versatile mounting types and power input options 4. Standard 19″ rack-mount type and also compact DIN-Rail
type Ethernet switches with high voltage power input